Why Cyberight?

Organizations of every size are searching for ways to enhance cybersecurity and streamline their network operations across remote, on-prem, and hybrid teams. Cyberight provides its customers with cutting-edge security products, deep technical expertise, enhanced visibility, and easier management of their networks.

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The Quest to Secure, Observe, & Simplify

A typical IT team operates with a fragmented combination of networking hardware and software, reporting dashboards, and security platforms. Often times, these environments are  complex, hybrid, and highly dynamic, requiring different authentication methods and introducing risk of inconsistent user permissions. Cyberight was founded with the primary objective of simplifying customers network security and observability with its flagship product, ZTMesh.

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One Team, One Vision

The Cyberight team is hyper-focused on developing and delivering exceptional cybersecurity products that provide robust security, easy deployment, seamless administration, and holistic observability. Cyberight is comprised of a fully remote workforce located across North America and Europe.

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