Introducing Cyberight ZTMesh™: Revolutionizing Zero Trust Network Access for Enterprises

Discover unparalleled network security with ZTMesh. Embrace zero trust network access, painless administration and management, and scalable overlay networking technology.

December 11, 2023
Webbing texture in background with ZTMesh and Cyberight logos atop the image.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking identity-based network security solution, Cyberight ZTMesh™. ZTMesh, which enables IT administrators to deploy secure, virtual overlay networks, is poised to redefine the landscape of zero trust network access with unparalleled protection and scalability in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape.

Key Features of ZTMesh:

  1. Zero Trust Architecture: Cyberight ZTMesh adopts a Zero Trust approach, ensuring that no entity—whether inside or outside the network—is trusted by default. This robust security model minimizes the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.
  2. Overlay Networking Technology: Our state-of-the-art overlay networking approach provides a seamless integration and communication across devices, ensuring a unified and highly-secure defense against cyber threats – all without disrupting existing network infrastructure.
  3. Painless Management: The administrative interface of ZTMesh is designed with simplicity and intuitiveness in mind. This ensures that even non-technical users can easily navigate and manage their network security and access controls, empowering organizations of all sizes to fortify their digital assets.
  4. Scalability and Compatibility: ZTMesh is designed to scale effortlessly with the growing needs of an organization. It can elastically scale from 5 to 5000 users overnight, and seamlessly overlays existing infrastructure, providing a future-proof solution that adapts to the evolving nature of the modern enterprise.

“We are proud to introduce ZTMesh, a product that embodies our commitment to innovation and excellence in network security. Its identity-centric architecture and overlay networking approach empower organizations to take control of their cybersecurity, providing an unprecedented level of protection in the industry.” Said Dan Gittleman, CEO of Cyberight.

ZTMesh is available for deployment to organizations of any size. For more information, please visit or contact our sales team at