Fast Track Your Journey to Zero Trust

Zero trust network access (ZTNA) is an essential component of the zero-trust security model, and as such, is becoming increasingly popular as the starting point for an organization’s journey to a zero trust posture. This brief outlines how organizations can adopt a hybrid-to-migration approach by leveraging existing network infrastructure to incorporate ZTNA principles for application access.

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What You Can Expect to Learn

Discover how to implement ZTNA principles and provide secure, authorized access to resources via our virtual overlay network without disruption to your existing infrastructure.

Discover a hybrid approach that seamlessly integrates ZTNA into your existing infrastructure with ZTMesh.

Revolutionize secure access management with identity-based control through a centralized web portal.

Simplify policy management with dynamic tagging, allowing for automatic adjustments based on innovative IdP syncing.

Ensure encrypted, centralized, and authorized communication unique to each user with an overlay network.

Achieve simplified management, secure connections, and consistent, identity-based policies that surpass traditional network security.

"Organizations are rethinking the conventional network security perimeter. A zero trust architecture (ZTA) addresses this trend by focusing on protecting resources, not network perimeters, as the network location is no longer viewed as the prime component to the security posture necessary for a resource."

The world is rapidly moving to zero trust. Is your organization ready?